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TONEspirations vol. 2 - B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)

Title: TONEspirations vol. 2 - B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)
Author: xerophine
Universe: real~
Genre: romance, humor
Length: one-shot; 798 words
Rating: PG-13

A/N: The challenge between me and okami_kaoru really grew on me, both of us are writing one fanfiction daily, isnired by TVXQ Tone album. I've never had a greater motivation to write, I'm not a pro writer yet, but I hope you'll like it! :D I'm more satisfitied about this fic than the previous one, even though I was complaining I failed it so much. By the way, YunJaeMin has been always very precious to me, so I added Changmin at the end (and him in B.U.T disturbed me to this point I didn't have a choice, he's not a part of any pairing anyway; besides food, I mean).

#TONEspirations vol. 1 - Introduction ~magenta~
#TONEspirations vol. 2 - B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)
#TONEspirations vol. 3 - I Think U Know

Unstoppable throbbing, insufficient amount of air. Trembling hands, stiffness taking the whole body. He knew what it means and was trying to hold back so strongly, yet… He had the most hilarious face on thanks to that. If anyone could see him right now, he would burn out of laughter and have problems with standing up for at least an hour. Thankfully, it wasn’t possible.

Jaejoong was sitting in a VIP section in a club, all alone. He came to relax a little accompanied by good loud club music and strong drinks. Of course, there were a plenty of things that comes in a package.

The best example was a dancer next to him. Club wasn’t crowded this time, so he was visible at first sight. His brown hair was sparkling and his motion was… Fierce. Jaejoong couldn’t find a better word to describe them. Actually, it was the only word that had come to his mind, after that he became speechless. He was playing with a glass in his hand unknowingly and had his mouth wide opened. He knew the person he’s watching right now is at least special. He’s seen many professional dancers in his live. Even more, for some time he had been aiming to master dance to join one of local crews.

“Isn’t the style he’s dancing something fresh?” mumbled Jaejoong to himself “I recognize a lot of his steps, but. But but but. They look like they’re new ones.”

It kept only a while to make the other man to notice some attention he got. He smiled. He smiled from ear to ear. And his dancing style changed. It wasn’t fierce anymore. It was so. Damn. Teasing. Jaejoong was very impressed; his brain cells most probably have stopped working already. He noted that he has to check them later. He didn’t have time to do so at the moment, so maybe tomorrow. If he was online, he’d just smash his keyboard and send it anywhere something like “eopklfdsfkl;fesafklwsfd;”.

Staying at home online would be a total waste, though.

He came to his senses, not believing what he’s doing. He was sitting on dancer’s lap, listening to some story about fights and easy victories. He had a problem with distinguishing the words. It didn’t matter. All of them were naturally intriguing and their meaning did not make a difference. He would listen to them even if they were a dummy chatter or something blaming his honor. If Jaejoong ever had it before… And he wasn’t quite sure about that.

One shot, one kill. One glass of soju more never does anything to Jaejoong. But he wasn’t sure how about his partner, he grimaced a bit after gulping it as fast as possible.

It didn’t matter for Jae, he made up his plans immediately and screamed to the dancer two words that couldn’t be taken any other way. After that, there were many reasons to believe it was nothing but a fate. He didn’t remembered anything, especially the last time he found something alluring him to this point. He was working in 2/2 tempo of a song playing on the background. Slow, rhythmical and simple.

He realized it’s like a déjà vu, since it was actually the second time he let his body to take over the tempo like that. Maybe…

He heard a loud tap. His eyesight became very blurry and a moment later he felt pain on his shoulder. He closed his eyes and opened them again. He saw Changmin a few millimeters from his face. He sit up quickly and banged his head against Changmin’s. He shouted in displeasure.

“Kim. Jae. Joong. Stop making dirty things to Yunho in your sleep and make me food already. You’ll get some in real life LATER. You left me with any instant food available and you know that we can’t go out at this hour. At least theoretically, damn Yunho made it somehow and in a few minutes some cray cray fans noticed it and they’re waiting at out gate. So we’re fucked up ever more. Get up and cook me something, you own me. Don’t be like this and fulfill your duty.”

Changmin was going on and on, complaining in speed of sound (but it felt like it was even faster, Jaejoong thought).

Looks like it will be another irritating day for Jaejoong. Irritating and quite void.
Tags: !fanfiction, kpop: dbsk/jyj, pairing: yunjae
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