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TONEspirations vol. 1 - Introduction ~magenta~

Title: TONEspirations vol. 1 - Introduction ~magenta~
Universe: alternative
Genre: fluff
Length: one-shot; 438 words
Rating: PG

A/N: The challenge between me and okami_kaoru really grew on me, both of us are writing one fanfiction daily, isnired by TVXQ Tone album. I've never had a greater motivation to write, I'm not a pro writer yet, but I hope you'll like it! :D I'm going to write a sequel someday, since this piece hasn't showed the feeling of intro enough.

#TONEspirations vol. 1 - Introduction ~magenta~
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„I don’t know where to start. It happened way too quickly.">
“Start from any point you wish." Yoochun grinned at his roommate “It doesn’t matter as long as you say it already, I’m waiting too long to hear it!”
“I-I… I was really bored this night. Full of schedule of mine is really killing me, but once I get some free time to spare, I can’t think of anything. I went for a walk. I had been walking for some time already, thinking I should head back. But then, I’ve discovered a tiny amusement park. There were no lights on, so I thought it’s deserted. Yet it didn’t stop me, I was too curious. Eh…"
Yunho stopped his blabbing, unsure if he is not too much “Do I really have to tell you this story?”
Yoochun was frozen. He still was grinning at Yunho, making him quiver. It was out of question, it was hard to change Yoochun’s strong will.
“There was a gold merry-go-round. Surprisingly, it was operating! It was playing a soft song which made me want to go to sleep immediately and horses were moving slowly on it. I was stunned by its beauty for a while. It was going up and down, up and down… Kind like every Disney movie ever made. I was admiring it until I’ve found something even more beautiful. Or rather, someone. On one of those horses was laying a young man, maybe around our age. He had his eyes close and was whispering something to inanimate friend of his. I found it very cute and got an urge to talk to this guy. Instead of it, I couldn’t stop staring at him blankly. His hair seemed to be so soft, his skin the lightest and the most delicate I’ve even seen. To be honest, I loved everything about him…”
Yunho hid his face under the blanket. He acted like a teenage boy and yes, he realized it, so he got shy even more. Yoochun was very amused, though. They’ve known each other for years yet it still was happening.
“Ok, ok! But it’s nearly everything. I was standing next to him for at least thirty minutes and then I heard him singing. He was singing a lullaby to a horse. You get it? Because I didn’t. I just stared and stared… It was too beautiful. But I run away shortly after that.”
Yunho wasn’t sure of Yoochun’s incoming reaction. But he knew for sure; he has to come back there and check if the mysterious man heard what he said just before he left him. His words of affection.
Tags: !fanfiction, kpop: dbsk/jyj, pairing: yunjae, series: tonespirations
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